Thursday, September 10, 2009

I did cry for you, Argentina!

Since leaving Argentina a month ago, life has been a whirlwind. I spent a week with my brother and father in Mexico. Afterwards I went to Denver where I spent time with my mom and stepdad for the first time in 9 months. I think that is the longest I have gone without being with my family. I spent the days picking raspberries, going to fresh springs, taking walks and being fed delicious meals. My friends from Denver are all on amazing paths that are allowing them to nourish their passions and indulge in their dreams. It’s comforting to be around people that have known you your whole life. I am very lucky to have them.

Upon coming back to Cambridge, I have been immediately swept back into life here. Between unpacking boxes, choosing classes and catching up with friends, the first week has flown by. In this time, I have reflected on all I learned while in Argentina and how the experience has shaped my goals for the next year and beyond.

Professionally, I learned that I would be able to survive the working world in Latin America. I know this a huge generalization, but having never worked in the region before, it was validating to feel competent and supported. I also realized that my view of social justice is quite broad and while I very clearly identify as a feminist and someone who believes in the equality of women, I want to work on issues that address the whole community---be they young people, women or any member of a community who is marginalized. I also know that I need to be part of a large organization. I love being around people and so I either need many people around me, or I need to be deeply connected to a community. I work well in teams and enjoy receiving feedback in my work. I can be very motivated to do things on my own, but I especially enjoy when I can work in a collective manner.

Socially, it was an amazing summer. The friends I made will be in my life forever. I was lucky enough to meet people who have diverse interests and talents, and a curiosity about the world. Several of us traveled from the south of the country all the way to the north and in between, we ate delicious food at oui oui, danced at Museum and Hype until six in the morning, had “culture night”, enjoyed sunset parties with mate, walked the streets of San Telmo, mastered the game of dudo, hosted potlucks and generally had one of the most wonderful times of my life. The friends I made will be in my life forever.

I probably won’t continue this blog since my “adventures in argentina” have come to an end, but I want to especially thank Nancy Klavans and the Women and Public Policy Program (WAPPP) at the Harvard Kennedy School for this experience. Without their support, I would have never had this opportunity. The opportunity to travel somewhere so far away and work with not one, but two organizations on issues that are important to the world and close to my heart, while also meeting some of the most impressive, creative and fun people I have ever known. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!